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Who is Pineapple Homes and what do we do to feel the leading agency in Malaga?

Pineapple Homes is a Swedish real estate agency aimed at providing tourist sales and rental services to the local and foreign market. We have been working since 2018 from our office at Calle Sebastián Souvirón 13 (between Plaza Camas and Mercado de Atarazanas), and we would like you to get to know our team of which we are very proud since we have extensive experience.

Not all agencies can boast of being legally registered like us. Our official real estate agent registration is 41830, which guarantees that we offer a professional and structured service, ensuring that both national and foreign clients feel safe when buying or selling their home.

We are present in the main countries such as the United Kingdom, Sweden, France, Germany and the United States, thanks to our direct advertising and international network of collaborators. This allows us to have a global reach and offer exceptional service no matter where our clients are located.

Pineapple Homes team

At Pineapple Homes, we feel more like a team than ever as we support each other selflessly to provide the best service to our clients. We have experts like Sigrid, who brings her financial knowledge from her experience with mortgage debts, and Alberto Toro, our specialist in taxation and investment. We are a diverse group of seven members who speak numerous languages: English, Swedish, Norwegian, French, Dutch, German, Spanish, and Italian, allowing us to assist a wide variety of international clients in their own language. What truly sets us apart is our passion and dedication. Every day, we work with the excitement of adding value to the city and ensuring that all our clients enjoy a positive and memorable experience.


Founder & Director

Alberto Toro, founder of Pineapple Homes, has been fortunate to work in both established companies and startups. After obtaining a degree in economics and an MBA, he specialized in digital marketing before finding his passion in real estate 10 years ago.

Originally from Granada, Alberto has resided in various countries, yet he has consistently regarded Malaga as the ideal location for both living and investing. His profound understanding of the local market proves invaluable to his clients.

During his leisure hours, he enjoys sailing and discovering the wonders of the Costa del Sol. While his repertoire of bad jokes is legendary, it may not always be as legendary as he thinks. He is fluent in Spanish and English, with a basic understanding of Russian



Sigrid Jegleim

Real estate agent

Our independent real estate sales agent brings over 20 years of experience in the Torremolinos and Malaga real estate markets. Originally from Norway, she resided in Sweden before relocating to Spain for a brief study period...which turned into a permanent stay!

With eight years of expertise in mortgage transactions and a career in the Costa del Sol real estate sector since 2012, Sigrid possesses extensive legal and financial acumen that proves invaluable to both buyers and sellers.

As a mother to two daughters, Kristina and Malin, she indulges in yoga, dog walks with Nelly, traveling, and skiing in the Sierra Nevada during her leisure time. Sigrid is fluent in Spanish, Norwegian, Swedish, and English.


Gerard Laurent

Real estate agent

A valuable team member as a collaborating agent at Pineapple Homes, Gerard brings vast experience from the business world and the unique perspective of having lived in eight different countries. Born in Africa to a Belgian father and a Spanish mother, Gerard is the perfect ally for those looking to buy in Spain.

He knows firsthand what it means to relocate, having moved from Amsterdam to Málaga 19 years ago without knowing the area or the administrative procedures. Today, with his Andalusian accent and passion for padel, Gerard has fully integrated and made Málaga his home.

In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his son and savoring the exquisite wines of Andalusia. If you're interested in visiting a local winery, Gerard will be delighted to give you his best recommendations. He speaks Dutch, French, German, Spanish, and English.


Real estate agent and lister

Alberto Fernández dedicates his day-to-day efforts to creating a trustworthy connection with local clients.

Born in Laguna de Duero (Valladolid), Alberto moved to Málaga in 2019 and has been working in the real estate sector for the past three years. With charisma and sociability that surpass even the locals from Málaga, he stands out for his humility and his ability to create the comfort that every client needs.

Besides his professional career, Alberto is a passionate skier who has enjoyed the best slopes in France and northern Spain, although Sierra Nevada will always be his favorite. Additionally, he loves exploring the Andalusian roads on his motorcycle, an adventure in which he still has much to discover.


Ángela Sánchez

Interior designer

Ángela Sánchez is the creative mind behind the interior design at Pineapple Homes as a collaborator. From her passion for digital design to her ability to transform any home, she has become a true master of change.

Having lived for 5 years in vibrant cities such as Amsterdam and Los Angeles, she brings a unique freshness and originality to every project. She has absorbed diverse influences that enrich her work and allow her to create truly special spaces.

Based in Málaga, Ángela is dedicated to turning simple houses into homes that captivate. Her love for plants is reflected in every space she designs, adding a natural and charming touch. She speaks Spanish and English, making communication easy with a wide range of clients.


Photography Manager

Gonzalo is the photography expert at Pineapple Homes as a collaborator. He is always attentive to capturing the best perspectives of each property we sell or rent. His keen eye ensures that each property looks its best.

Originally from Argentina, Gonzalo moved to Málaga in 2005 and maintains the same enthusiasm as on his first day. In this city, he has formed his family and hopes to continue enjoying Málaga and its people for a long time.

As a good photographer, his main passion is photography, and there isn't a corner of the Costa del Sol that he hasn't captured with his lens. Gonzalo speaks Spanish, English, and, of course, Argentine.


Alberto Ramírez

Short-term rental Manager

Alberto Ramírez, as an independent manager of tourist accommodations at Pineapple Homes, is the Malaga member of the team who every day accommodates and assists the guests of our accommodations to ensure that they feel at home during their stay in our city. When Airbnb and its apartment rentals began, Alberto was already on the move and was one of the pioneers of tourist rentals in the city. This experience in management helps us improve and optimize the performance of our tourist accommodations, achieving excellent results and loyalty from both our owners and our guests. In addition to spending time with his family - his wife and two children - he is passionate about sports, good gastronomy, and above all, traveling whenever he has the opportunity. He speaks English and Spanish.


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